The Event

ADR Trail Run is a fun filled, textbook introduction to the world of trail running. To be held at the outset of the trail running season, ADR trail run will act as the perfect warm-up for seasoned trail runners of our group, and as the right platform for those who are looking to delve into the world of trail running.

The event will be held on September 10, 2017, in association with Uphill EMG, one of India’s premier endurance sports company. The venue of this race will be Gandhinagar, the Capital of Gujarat, and a lush place with tremendous trails, both scenic and engaging at the same time.

Beginning from the Narmada Canal, the half-marathon trails will take our runners through a scenic riverbed trail, narrow natural trails and internal village roads, all filled with a bunch of obstacles to challenge you.

The event will also act as a perfect precursor to upcoming Vadodra Ultra, Paradise Trails Goa, Run the Rann, and other such races.

Race Details

Race category

ADR Trail Half Marathon is a race exclusively meant for ADR'ians. The distance will be 21.1kms, that runner will cover on well marked trail. The trail grade is about 80% moderate to easy and 20% technical. This 20% is more interesting portion of the route. It will even be muddy, so that you save on the beauty treatment mud packs. There will also be some rocky stretches, and thorny foliage, which needless to say, should not be attempted barefoot.

Race is a manual timed event

This race is going to be a manual timed event. Each participant will be given a handheld Garmin device. This device will be pre-loaded with the route map. This device will be a constant guide for runners to be on their designated route.

Race cut off

In order to qualify for a finishers’ medal and timing certificate following cut-offs will be applicable:

  • Male: 3h:30min
  • Female: 4h:00min

If you are expecting a slower time than this, don't worry, someone will be there at the finish line to receive you up to 12:00 noon.

Flag off

6:30 AM, 10th September 2017


Hydration will be provided on the race route at an interval of approximately 5km.

Race Photos

Race photos will be clicked by professionals and will be made available on the event website.

Expected Weather

Maximum temperature of 35°C to a minimum of 25°C. Occasional rainy spells are also in the forecast.

Medal and awards

Each participant finishing the race under the cut off period shall be awarded a finishers’ medal. There are prizes for top finishers too.

Age group category: For male and female both

  • 18-35 years
  • 36-45 years
  • 46-55 years
  • 56 and above

Prize allocation of this category will be done based on number of participants in the category. Should less than 5 participants fall under the any categories, the category will be considered dissolved.

Entry Fee

INR 450/-

President's Message

Hemal Shah

My Fellow ADRians,

What a great trail run it was! We should be proud of ourselves!

It was just the second edition and we broke our own participation record! We ran with our hearts on our soles, and kick started the running season with the right passion and spirit.

I thank you all for coming, and making this event a grand success. To our ADR volunteers, especially Team Uphill EMG, I express the deepest gratitude from ADR. All volunteers were always on their toes, and ensured that every runner was well taken care of and safe.

With this great beginning as our stepping stone, let's keep running... let's keep growing... and let’s keep reminding everyone that on road or trail, ADRians are always ready for any challenge.

Happy running!

Hemal Shah
President, ADR

Rules and Regulations


ADR Trail Half Marathon is open to all runners who are paid members of Amdavad Distance Runners (ADR) and who are over 18 years of age, male or female, and belonging to any nationality. Please note that this is an exclusive race for ADRians and some special invitees. Participants over 16 years old may also enroll for ADR Trail Half Marathon race subject to prior consent from ADR/ Uphill EMG™ and written permission from a parent or legal guardian. They will have to meet the same requirements as adults:

  • Half marathon participants for this race will ideally be those who are running around 10-15 kms on a regular basis or participating in half marathons frequently. ADR Trail Half Marathon will be the best chance for such runners to go beyond and test their endurance levels on a trail. You may call it a beginners race, but be warned it will still be a real tester.
  • Be aware that this is not a flat running race, at all. There will be hills, flats and hills again. We've tried to limit them; nonetheless, it's still going to be a mixed terrain race.
  • The gear you need for a race like this is different than the one you would take along on a road marathon. We will have aid stations along the way with water and food but it's essential that you come prepared for your essential needs.
  • Stay positive at all times. Hard times are always, followed by happier moments. This is the key to long distance racing: hang on there until you resurface again. Also, remember that no one forced you to be running this. You're entirely responsible for being here.

If you plan on running this race, your training should begin right away. You can start slowly but you should gradually upgrade your distances. Don't forget that to be able to race safely in a healthy mental and physical state at all times.


21.1 kms - INR 450/-


It is hereby made clear that no refunds will be processed under any circumstances. The fees of any participant not able to compete in the race will not be returned.


The entire route for this segment is marked by way-markers. Participants are required to follow the path with the markers.


(Garmin e-Trex® 10 with a current market value - 7000)

The 21.1 kms race is a 100% GPS navigation race. It is also a closed course, which means that runners are required to follow the specified route designed by the event team and inserted inside their GPS devices. GPS Devices will be provided to runners by the organizer. All routes and markings will be pre-loaded on to the device. Please note that once the GPS device is given to a runner it is his/her responsibility to keep it safe. Loss or damage to the device will be recovered from the runner by the organizers in full.

At the starting line on race day, participants will be given the GPS device (Garmin e-Trex® 10). This device has to be used at all times on the course. A GPS briefing will be done at the starting line before the race and race managers will answer any questions related to the use of such device.


21.10 KMS:

Participants must follow the designated route. Shortcutting will result into disqualification.

Please note that all sections of the course are subject to change because of rain, rockslides, politics, or other natural or human occurrences. These changes may not be known until the course briefings or even after the race begins. It is the runners' responsibility to understand and follow any changes declared by the race management team.


Aid stations are compulsory checkpoints. They are located about 5 kms apart from each other all along the route. To avoid penalties, each runner must go through all of the aid stations. This allows the race officials to not only record timings but, more importantly, making sure that all runners have sufficient water with them at all times.


Do not debate on the cut-off times with the aid station personnel.

Intermediate Cut-off Time

21.1 K

  • No Intermediate Cut-off
  • Participants Must Finish Race within 3h:30min (male) and 4h:00min (female)
  • Participants Exceeding the aforementioned time will be considered DNF


Participation in this event is at the runner's own risk. Although race management has experienced medical personnel at various points along the course, the inaccessibility of some of the trail may make it difficult or even impossible for medical assistance to reach the runner immediately. Each runner is encouraged to consult with his or her own personal physician regarding any physical or medical limitations before attempting the run.

Each runner must stay on the GPS route he's been given, even to rest for a while. Any runner who voluntarily leaves such path is no longer under the responsibility of the organization.

A medical control team is present during the entire duration of the event at the start and finish but also at specific key points along the routes. We strongly encourage the use of personal mobile phones for obvious safety reasons

An unwell or injured runner calling on a doctor or a rescuer submits himself to their authority and undertakes to accept their decisions. The first-aiders and official doctors are authorized:

  • To stop any competitor considered unfit to continue the event (by invalidating the race bib).
  • To pull out and potentially hospitalize a runner at their discretion whom they judge in danger, by any means at their disposal.

Expenses incurred, resulting from emergency assistance or rescue, are payable by the person who has been rescued. The only resort is then for the runner to constitute and present a dossier of his/her personal insurance within the deadline given.


Kindly contact Mr. Kerav Pathak on +91-98244 00038


Please be courteous to local villagers, other runners, wildlife, cattle and race management personnel. Any inappropriate or harmful behavior to others or animals will incur serious penalties. Runners must indeed refrain from any act of bad sportsmanship, including any use of illicit drugs. If noted by the medical team, it will result in the immediate elimination of such runner from the race and all the Events organized by Uphill EMG™. If you wish to pass another runner, yell "trail right" or "trail left" before attempting to pass. Do not block approaching runners deliberately at any cost. While you may not be penalized for it, doing such unsporting act will definitely degrade your credentials in eyes of others. They are truly the lifeblood of the race and will do everything possible to make your day a success. Many spend more hours out on the trail the runners themselves. Please be polite and make it a point to thank them. Without the volunteers, there would be no ADR Trail Half Marathon.


Sufficient water and energy food for racing will be provided during the duration of the race at aid station but participants must remember that it is always best to carry with them some of the food they are used to train with. It is a bad strategy to wait for race day to discover that the food provided by the race is not something you like or, worse, something you can't digest easily while running. If you don't have some of your own food, eventually you may have to pass on eating at each aid station. This is the most dangerous path to get on and will eventually result in your DNF.

In order to participate in our Events, a set of obligatory equipment is required. However it is important to note that those are the minimum necessary and that each participant must adapt according to their needs. It is important to remember not to choose apparel and gear that are the lightest possible weight in order to gain a few grams only, but to choose items that will give real protection against the weather, therefore giving a good level of security and performance.

  21.1 Kms
Backpack, running belt or any other element allowing you to carry your compulsory gear during the race. Optional
Mobile phone with fully charged battery (Keep it switched off as much as you can when you run to preserve the battery) + the security numbers of the organization added to the repertoire + local police / emergency number. OBLIGATORY
Stock of water minimum 0.5 liter. (Hand-held bottles or water pouch, Camelbak type or both.) 0.5 Liter
Whistle Optional
Adhesive elastic band to enable making a bandage or a strapping (mini 100 cm x 6 cm) Optional
Identity papers (Passport, Pan Card, etc...) OBLIGATORY
The sum of INR 500 for contingencies OBLIGATORY
Knife or scissors to cut the elastic band and remove the thorns from your shoe soles RECOMMENDED
Own personal food reserve (bars, gels, dry fruits, snacks... anything you like) RECOMMENDED
Cap, hat or bandana RECOMMENDED


Every runner will be provided with a race number. Every bib is individually handed to each runner upon furnishing of a valid photographic proof of identity. Your race pack and checking of all your obligatory equipment will also be done thoroughly before giving you your bib.

The race bib must be worn at all times during the race and on the front of the body (chest, stomach, leg) and must be fully visible throughout the entire race. It must, therefore, always be positioned over any clothing and cannot for any reason be fixed onto the back. For photographic and marketing purposes, the name and logo of the sponsors must neither be modified, nor hidden.

Remember, No bib number means no access to any aid station or medical staff!


While no one likes to contemplate it, but there may come a time when it is smarter for a participant to decide to drop out than to continue. He/she may also miss the cut-off times or be pulled out for a medical reason. While such participants may likely be upset at that time, they must nonetheless notify race management personnel as soon as possible and surrender their bib numbers. They will be ranked as DNF (Did Not Finish). Except for a bad injury, runners must only abandon at an aid station. They must alert the head of the aid station who will then invalidate their race-bib. If a runner abandons somewhere else other than an aid station, we will have to spend a huge amount of time and resources trying to find and rescue him/her. In case of abandonment before a control point, it is imperative to return to the previous control point and inform the post leader of one's abandonment. It may be very hard for us, or impossible, to arrange transportation for a DNF runner from their dropout points back to the base camp. In any case, a participant may have to wait for long stretches of time and hence despite our best efforts to get them back. Finally, if a runner meets the end of race sweepers, they will invalidate the race bib and help him/her reach the next aid station. If the runner wants to continue to run the course without bib number, he/she will no longer be under the organization's surveillance and control.


Race officials present on the course, and those in charge of different control and refreshment posts are authorized to uphold regulations and to immediately impose a penalty for non-respect, based on the following chart:

Lacking any of the obligatory equipment Immediate disqualification
Taking a serious shortcut Penalty 1 hour to disqualification depending on the gravity of the action. Remember that the GPS you are given will keep track of your way so it will be easy for us to check how much you've cut.
Throwing away rubbish outside designated thrash disposal zones (voluntary act). Immediate disqualification
Rude behavior or loss of your cool towards anyone involved or not involved in the organization of this race, from marshals, to Volunteers to other participants, to even locals Penalty 1 hour to disqualification depending on the gravity of the action
Not helping someone in difficulty Penalty 2 hour to disqualification depending on the gravity of the action
Receiving help outside authorized zones Penalty 2 hour for the first time. Disqualification if repeated.
Cheating (using transport, sharing race number, doping, etc.) Immediate disqualification and ban for life from all Uphill EMG Races
Race number not visible Penalty ¼ hour (during which the runner adjusts his race number in the correct manner)
Recognized dangerous attitude (e.g.: sticks with unprotected points pointing at the runners or the spectators) Penalty 1 hour
Not passing through a control point Penalty 2 hour the first time. Disqualification if repeated.
Inappropriate or harmful behavior to others or wildlife Penalty 2 hour the first time. Disqualification if repeated.
Refusal to comply with an order from race control, from a race official, from a head of post, from a doctor or from a rescue worker Immediate disqualification
Departure from a control post after the hour limitation Immediate disqualification
Loss or voluntarily damage to the GPS device Will be paid by participants at actual.

Any other breach of the rules will be the object of a sanction decided on by the race director.

All objections to any decision must be in writing and lodged with the race director, with a caution of INR 1000 (non-refundable if the objection is not valid), within two hours of the arrival at the finish line of the runner concerned. Event Jury will be made of a representative of the runner, the owner of the company that sets up the race, the race director and any relevant people chosen for their competences by the owner and race director (a doctor for example). The jury is authorized to give a ruling in the time compatible within the imperatives of the race on all the objections lodged during the event. The decisions will be binding and without appeal.


The organization reserves the right to modify at any moment the route and the positioning of the rescue and refreshment posts, without warning.

In the case of poor meteorological conditions, and for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to stop the event underway or to modify the time barriers.

In case of cancellation of an event, for whatever reason, decided more than 15 days before the date of the start of the race, a partial refund of the registration Fees will be made. The amount of this refund will be fixed so as to allow the organization to cover all irredeemable expenses committed up to the date of the cancellation. In case of a cancellation decided less than 15 days before the departure or in case of interruption of the race, for whatever the reason, no refund of the registration fee will be made


Competitors who are sponsored may only have the sponsor's logos on their clothing or equipment used during the race. All other publicity accessories (flags, Banners) are forbidden at all points of the race including at the finish, at the risk of penalties imposed by the jury. We would also like to make it clear that running with flags or Banners of any country including India is also strictly forbidden. While we deeply respect patriotism and the spirit of pride that one may have towards their country, we simply do not want to see the flag of any nationality be disrespected or demeaned in any way, knowingly or unknowingly.


Every competitor relinquishes their claim to photographic copyright during the event, and he/she relinquishes any recourse against the organizer and against his approved Partners for the use of their image. Only the organization can pass on these rights for the image in any media, via an accreditation or an adapted license.

Uphill Event Media Group™, a Brand Aid® division are all legal trademarks. Any communication and use of photographs of the event must be made with respect to the aforementioned trademarks.

These rules and regulations have been inspired by some of the best and most recognised long distance endurance Events in the world for which we have huge respect, including but not limited to, Badwater 135 Ultramarathon, Western States 100-mile Endurance Run, Marathon Des Sables, Diagonale Des Fous, Canadian Death Race, Hardrock 100 Endurance Run, Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc and also a few Ironman triathlons.


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